What can you do at the zoo? Find out at My Potter Park Zoo. Each visit to the zoo is a unique and varied experience. With so many animals to care for and more than 150,000 visitors annually, there is always something to do at the Zoo. And you can help!

Interested in adopting an animal? We have an amazing variety of species to choose from. Please click below to learn more about the variety of options at Potter Park Zoo!

Snow leopards are generally smaller than other big cats, but still exhibit a wide range of sizes.  They are covered in long thick fur which has a base color that varies from smoky grey to a light yellow tan, with white under parts. Due to the colder climate they are found in, snow leopards show several adaptations for harsh weather living. Adopt a snow leopard!

Like other members of the weasel family (Mustelidae), river otters have long streamlined bodies with short legs.  They have very dense, usually brown fur, with a long tail and webbed feet for swimming.  In the wild, these otters are solitary, except during mating season or when females are raising young. Adopt a North American river otter!

The lion is the tallest (to the shoulder) of the felines, and like other cats, lions have excellent senses. The body of a lion is marked by powerful legs, a strong jaw, and canine teeth over 3 inches long!  The colors of a lion vary from yellowish to an ochre brown, with their undersides generally being lighter in color.  Adopt an African Lion!

The largest of forest antelopes, bongos have a stunning chestnut-color coat with an average of 12-14 narrow white stripes. The animal has two heavy, slightly-spiraled horns that are hollow and made of keratin. Bongos can run quickly and gracefully through thick forest cover. Adopt an Eastern Bongo!